Sunday, 16 September 2012

Waving Hello

Well, hello again. After months of months planning to make a few changes to this blog, I finally made it. It just a simple new header, few icons, and a quote. I'm still maintaining the simple, clean-cut, ease, and free theme for this blog. It's a light read, afterall. You wouldn't expect me to use a perch, candles, and diamonds, right?

So, what's up? Do I still have some frequent readers? Or is there anyone who actually reads my blog? I'm not planning to figure it out, though. It's a good thing if you read my blog. I appreciate it.

Things are changing. I'm now take part at a photography club that I was desperately wanted to join to. I'm no longer a student. I just graduated from the university, got a job in a national news agency, and, although I'm not really sure I'm standing on a solid soil, I hope I'm doing good in my job.

I guess, that's it for today. See you again real soon.