Thursday, 27 August 2009

Coming Back

Well, it feels like it's been ages since my last-incompetent-post about Bajaj. Hahaha.. Yeah, so many things had happened and change in this whole month. I'm not really away from computer and the internet. Actually, I've been wandering to almost every blog site I can afford to access like wordpress, liveconnector, even tumblr. I must admit, I fell in love with blogger. That's why I found my way back here :)

I'm coming back. So does many other things.

Eh.. eh.. ketika gue hibernasi, dimulai ketika hiatus terjadi, ada buanyak hal yang terjadi; termasuk terbentuknya GPSR (Geng Plurk Sastra Raya). Sore ini bakal ada ngabuburit bareng. Let's wait for my report about the meeting!

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