Thursday, 12 April 2012

Just Don't Stop

I remember, the first time I start blogging on Tumblr. I saw a pre-made post that says: "Doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going." That was simple. I never knew it will be THAT hard. There will be so many things involve. There will be heart brokens, tears falling, plans ruined, changing directions... The bottom line is nobody ever told me that the future will be filled with rocky roads.

I was optimistic back then. Now, I'm afraid. I have plans, I have dreams, that I'm not sure how to reach them. But I have opportunities. Not much, but enough.

Maybe, this is the right time to tell to myself that I must not stop. I have to keep on going because there is still hope. I can't rely on myself only; but I can't hang on to other people that would not be around forever either.

Hey future me, this is you in the past. This is you feel troubled, afraid, and having doubts. You or me, is now have to face a new cirlce, a new challenge, and new opportunities. You owe us stories in the future, ok? I look forward for it.

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