Monday, 4 August 2008

The Girl in Every Song

The Girl in Every Song

Let me tell you a story
It ain't no ballad nor a tragedy
The ending is near but not there
Just somewhere it'll fear
It's about a little mary jean, our little mary jean

"Hello," she smiles
"Hold on!" he speaks quickly
"What are you doing?" she asks
"I'm on the phone, sis" he smiles
"Sis?" she whispers
"Hey, babe. Nope, that's just my sist. Yeah, this Saturday? I'd love to..." he speaks again on the phone
"I'm the only child. I'm not intend to add more family member..." she speaks inside her heart

And all things that she heard about this wonderful world are only stories for her
About the flowers that bloom for couples
Candies after kisses
Holding hands on pavements
Though she saw it all, it's just stories to her

"Hey, Hon! I've got a song. Won't you hear it?"
"Yeah, sure. Gotta be sweet, if not I'll go!" she smiles

"You got the best of both world.
You're the most lovable and yet strange person I've ever met.
See those smile on your face,
your purple big candy,
your skirts and tartans and bracelets.
Let your mind speaks,
your brain think,
because this world needs you with your heart, thought, and perfection.
Dear, I need you too.
Come along and let me love you more."

"I've got big candies. Is this song's for me?" she asks
"Well, actually this is for her. You see, she's the most..."

The words are fading and everything turns to dark
Our mary jane is faint and sunk in numb

Run, mary, run!
Dance and drench in the rain underneath the moonlight
Laugh and laugh and forget your tears
Forget those pain who came from your ears
Wake up and smell the strawberry
You'll find your prince one day
Not him

Embrace you obsession mary
Tell it to the world
You want to be the girl in every song
And that song you've heard today... that's the point

Our mary who art in where?
You had your tears come on mary go and smile
Let us do the job to tell the world and you just go and play, mary

Well, world
Don't let our mary's heart turn to dull
Come on be nice to her
Give her hope and don't take it away

And one day the day will come
Not yet
But will
A prince will come to cure our mary

Well, we hope it'll come true

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