Sunday, 11 November 2007

Silly Goals But Achievable

Straight As,
Have a boyfriend on Christmas,
Say something to someone that I like him,
Go to hellipad and take pictures there,
Curl my hair,
Wear contact lenses,
Buy something at Zara (ouch! not my style. hahah),
Watch every Hollywood dramas I could find at Ambassador!
Buy more than five pairs of shoes at a day for myself,
See my ex,
Go to Jakarta's oldies spot with my Lumix,
Eat lasagna made by myself,
Make Caramel pudding,
Runaway to Bandung,
Sing 'Aku Tak Mau Sendiri' in front of my friends's birthday party for the second time!
Meet Tom Cruise,
Go to Aksara Kemang,
Buy books, not only read it at the bookstore,
Drive my self to somewhere only I know,
Wear highheels again,
Wear something that IS on the magazine,
Drink 7 glass of coffee and not send straight to the ER!
Make my own caramel coffee,
Tell my mom and dad: Now, I've made you proud, haven't I?

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