Sunday, 8 February 2009

Instead of...

It's 10 PM and you're late again, 
And I can't understand what kept you so long 
Now look at you wearing that shirt again 
Don't you realize how good that thing is 
But even so, I love you anyway...  

-Mocca, I Love You Anyway

This song start playing at exactly 10 PM on my computer! Haha... What a coincidence ha? Then I start thinking of something or maybe someone instead of thinking how I should do to improve my english--don't get me wrong, it's only for mpkt kind of things. Well, I should've done the report by now; but what can I say? hahaha...

Instead of start doing it, I'm start to thinking about someone else. Haha... he's the man that accidently appear on Mocca's song that I've shown earlier. He's not here tonight--at msn, bien sur. "What is he doing right now?" Sentimental questions like these will be no more than a joke everytime we start a conversation. However, night after night I'm getting more addicted to jokes like that, I suppose.

Are there any chances for me to feel this feeling in return? Everytime I look and he's not there; the hollow feeling is haunting me. Just a simple chance... can it change everything? I know it's terribly early to tell you that I love you-or even just a simple testimonial that I care for you. Maybe because it's you. You make this so casual that I can even like, love, and even hate you everytime you're around. But believe me, you're the one I've been looking for. So I guess, this little insanity is make sense.

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