Thursday, 5 March 2009

Check out what's on my mind in app. 3 minutes!

The first thing I did this morning was checking up my Facebook annotation.
I can't sleep after that.
After seeing Rayi yesterday, don't know why I sort of listen to them now.
I know I still love Jason Mraz and Beatles more than the others.
Right now I'm not sure that I'm eligible to give any comment nor approval.
There's only one thing ...ehm, person I mean that boldly pop up on my mind.
I'm hoping almost desperately to see him today.
If it so, I'm absolutely want him to say 'hi' to me.
My grade for PLU will make me stay up late and study.
I've made horrible mistakes on that quiz on Tuesday.
I couldn't be more happier when someone reads my arts.
I got cold and I hate it.
I got headache too.
The fried chiken in front of Mitra Keluarga is expensive, you can get A LOT CHEAPER at Mas Roni's.
So, am I gonna meet you boy?
Beautiful mess... I guess I'm the 'mess' and he's the 'beautiful'. Ehm, handsome?
I'm not sure how's today will pass.
But I'm gonna make it WOW.
WOW can be an acronym haha!
I really do miss Chika, Niken, and Fina.
Can you believe it? Actually I miss you too, Egi.
But my life is different now.
By the way there's a lot of new people here...
Shit, I guess I'm in love with your brother, Dude!
You gotta laugh the hell outta me--yeah I know.
So what? Eventually everyone gonna find out, right?
I still don't know 'Who Needs Shelter' was an original soundtrack of what movie.
Once again, Jason Mraz! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah...
I gotta go bathing, ugh.
I'm start to considering myself as a french and hate bathing.
No, if I skip it, my mom gonna kill me and Aldo will laughing hard!
Okay, I gotta start this day.
I've prayed.
Hello, Jesus.
Hello, Sunshine.
Hello, me.

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