Sunday, 3 May 2009

Post-it Note

I write tonight, on a yellowy post-it note
About a girl who dosn't exist, technically
A girl whose smile is brightening and life-saving
Yet she's dying inside
Anyone care to unplug her plug and let her die?
Or better make her dissapear completely and never be found?

Bend on my knees
Hold a phone on the line
Nibbling lips
Tearing tears

Sweetness that I can't bear
Voice that I long to hear
A person that got me to swear

I stayed all night in my chamber
Look ahead but I found a horizon
Hopes and dreams that seemed fair
But, Darl, I gotta make it stop

Wait; I will
But then again, it'll torn
Longing too long
Hoping too strong

Wait until she can bear the world
And say that three word,
"I love you"

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