Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Prophecy

It means I gotta zipped my mouth, pants, and bags
When everything's sealed so good
Let's go far beyond the clouds in the sky or on our eyes
Face the crime, embrace the sin
But perform only the best of deeds
Why not?

I'll be every Frank in the world,
make some nice I-made-it-myself fake dinner like Ms. Smith
and surely as clever as Mr. Hannibal
for you only.

Isn't that amazing?

But I might hitting up the NYC,
counting all things as easy as one two three
laugh on every man that bend his knees on me
and I will say, "So, you're in love with me?"

Or we can catch up the last train
Spending our every last chain
Lost in our lust and vain
But we might too far from the line

So back to present
Smell the nice scent
I'm at my bedroom hitting rockers on the line

Oh, aku laper.

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