Sunday, 21 June 2009

What I Said What I Regret

There are many things in life that I did and then I regret to do so. There are also many things that I said, but then I wished I've never said that.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine told me about someone's fact in the past. She said that this Particular Person is having a great deal of revolution in 'em life. Well, I've clearly said that we actually should live for today and tomorrow. Past is just a past and it won't return.

I'm not really regret what I said. I just want to fix a little thing from what I said. Problems are keep following me inside my head. I just don't have anything more to overcome what's next. This heart right here is too fragile to handle anymore pain.

Well, but be really careful of what you will say or do. People keeping their eye on someone who has made a mistake in the past. I can tell. The things you do and say in the future will somewhow generate your mistakes, your mischief in your past in people's mind. Sounds not fair? Well, I've been through that and I've changed my life since then.

I don't know who I am dealing with. You're too. Everybody's too. I will not easily judge someone by their past. But by knowing our own past, I think everyone should be alert of what's coming next.

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