Monday, 14 July 2008

The Misery of a Bride

The Misery of a Bride

There's nothing like I've been planned to
You reached my hand when I lost his
You've shed my tears that night and owned every inch of me
My freedom belongs to me, yes I remember that
But I've locked myself inside your heart since then

I forgot every detail of my past
I left every sorrow behind
Sorrow, an unidentified feeling that caused by something I couldn't recall
There was no any memory left inside my brain

You gave me freedom
You gave me choices
You gave me a glance of future

Most of all, there was always love
in everything you did to me
A smile
A hug
A hand to hold

There's no bare hand of mine anymore
There was yours for me to hold
I own a shining circle around my finger
A legitimate promise of our fortune and future
A big day, the day we will meet at the altar

As I walked down the isle
The pictures were coming back together
Parts of my past came back to me

I see friends and family
Faces I can see at that moment
Faces who came to feel joy for my big day
But one face was missing

From his hand you took me
From his rudeness you saved me
From his cold heart you kept me

But I missed him
I wanted him so bad
And again, I wished that he was the one on the altar
The one who will say 'I do' before me
That would be him

He turned my world once
He was the reason I laugh cry and smile
In his hands I was a puppet
An object to own
A jewel to posses
A person with full devotion

He offered no future
He asked no choices
He gave no love

I cried, the altar was too close
The time is near
I need him to be near I want him to hear
I do
For you

My soul was screaming
My heart was beating harder than before
A last step
Before me and you gather together

I looked at my right
Over the tables and chairs
There was him
On a black suit

I cried

He wore his best suit
The one that I gave at the time he graduated
Mumbling in pain I said, I love you and I always do
He was stand still
Smiling and nodded

My big day
The only day I became a bride
The day I ever wished to happen
The day when my dreams was vanished
I've reached many better thing
But all I can say

My only dream that never even close to happen
Is him

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