Sunday, 6 July 2008

Practical Boy

hey, mate!
i fell in love with a practical boy
a boy that only knows how to operate a computer
a boy that nearly made of steel
so does his heart

oh, mate!
i wish he knows somehow
if only he can see me right now
oh no he nearly fly away
far from where i am

dear, mate!
the time is near
can i have the chance to be
and holding tight
so close until this heart's beat blends?

mate, call him to be near
i want to call him my own
if it's too late
then maybe that was not love
cos' usually i get busy to trying
when i'm in love

so, mate
let him go
tell him to be good
i still adore him
and love him if he loves me back

but in the meantime
he only a practical boy
i not sure i fell in love with him
maybe he's just a practical boy

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